Resolve Ireland upholds the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour to ensure that our work offers lasting, meaningful resolutions. To this end, we have appointed our Ethics and Standards Committee which is made up of Resolve members at Director and management level as well as an independent advisor to ensure impartiality. The Committee enforces the principles and policies set out in our Corporate Governance Charter in order to ensure that our clients can have every confidence in the expertise of our Directors and Panel members in the performance of their duties.

Code of Conduct

Resolve Ireland’s Code of Conduct acts to ensure that company business is conducted effectively, efficiently and objectively as well as to the highest possible standard. It is company policy to adhere to best business practices and to comply with all relevant legislation and regulatory requirements at all times.

Practice and Procedure

Resolve Ireland’s investigators, mediators and arbitrators are expected to act in accordance with the standards set out in the Protocol to Govern the Conduct of Independent Investigation, Mediation and Arbitration (IIMA) in Employment Disputes in Ireland, a paper written by Dr Liam Doherty and Professor Paul Teague. Click below for link to this paper.

CLICK HERE FOR ‘Practice and Procedure Paper’

Confidentiality, Data Protection and Privacy Statement

Resolve Ireland fully respects the rights to privacy of all parties that we come into contact with while carrying out our interactions with organisations and their employees.

We are committed to adhering to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which became fully effective on May 25th 2018 as well as the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018.

Resolve Ireland’s interactions with organisations and their employees are conducted on a strictly confidential basis. Case notes and reports are recorded and stored in a secure manner appropriate to the needs of the case while active. Following the conclusion of a case, records are kept for no longer than is deemed absolutely necessary and in line with the requirements of data protection legislation.

No details of any case undertaken by the Company will be disclosed to an external third party unless on instruction from the client. The Company reserves the right to discuss cases internally for such purposes as consultation, training and peer review.


The Board of Resolve Ireland will review these guidelines on an annual basis.