Independent Investigation

What it is and when it is invoked

  • A formal Independent process, allows all aspects of an issue to be examined and heard
  • It separates the investigation from the judgement process
  • Findings are produced in report form with recommendations if appropriate
  • Can arise where there is a dispute between managers and employees or   employees and employees
  • Caters for complaints of bullying and harassment, disciplinary and other issues
  • Also can be used in the form of a management investigation where an issue exists which is affecting the well being and performance of a team
  • Can be invoked where there are issues to do with work-related stress factors arising from poor working relationships

Benefits of using our Independent Investigation services

  • Ensures that the facts are established in an objective and impartial process
  • Transparency and openness throughout the whole process
  • Clear separation of facts and recommendations from judgements
  • Team of credible, competent & highly experienced panel members
  • Widespread private and public sector knowledge and backgrounds